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About the Bank:


The Arab Islamic Bank was established in 1995 to be the first Islamic banking firm in Palestine. It started its banking activities at the beginning of 1996, providing banking and investment services according to Islamic Shari’a through its headquarters in Ramallah &  Al-Bireh along with 20 branches and offices across Palestine. AIB has no branches outside Palestine and has no subsidiary companies as of 31/12/2017.


Our Vision


Establishing and advancing Islamic banking as the primary choice, undertaking an effective role in promoting the Palestinian economy, fulfilling the principle of solidarity, taking Islamic social objectives into account, and providing modern, high quality  and competitive Islamic banking solutions and services.

Strategic Objectives

•          Preserve and confirm the Islamic identity

•          Expand across the banking network

•          Further follow our pursuit for excellence across our programs and services

•          Further promote retail banking services

•          Promote AIB social role.



Bank Letter:


The Bank seeks to meet the diverse banking needs of customers according to the provisions of Islamic Sharia, which match or exceed their requirements and expectations, in order to ensure the best possible returns for shareholders and depositors on a stable basis Using the latest technology available and apply the highest professional standards.

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